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The Answers
Women Want, Part 3

Locker room talk part 3

The Answers Women Want

Third level of more powerful in-depth enlightenment that takes you into the discussion of what it means to keep your standards high, what that means to the men who look at you, the importance of a father, and the danger of soul ties.

Summer ‘19 Release
Locker room talk part 2

The Answers Women Want

This is the second level of a three-part conversation as we dive deeper into real issues and questions such as how to revamp your dating process, how men shop for women, and the right questions to ask men.

Summer ‘19 Release
Locker room talk part 1

The Answers Women Want

Bold insight to answering the real hard questions women ask about men and relationships both single and married.  Learn about the killer named desire, why men misunderstand manhood, and how compromise can be deadly.

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Relationships for Him

Take Five For Him: 31 Day Intimacy Building Challenge

Her 31-day companion guide to help bring out the superman in her life.  Re-discover how to cater to your king and ignite the type of passion and fire you both want to stay lit for a lifetime.  This is the gasoline to start the flame.

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Relationships for her

Take Five For Her: 31 Day Intimacy Building Challenge

His 31-day playbook guide to bring out his wonder woman by doing the things that make her spin around and around.  Take your dating, and passion to the level you desire with these simple but powerful gestures to light up her life.

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Relationships for Him and Her

Intimacy: 12 Steps Into Me See

Twelve fun powerful steps to take couples through dating and marriage principles to ignite, rekindle, and turn up the fire and keep it at a maximum level for true intimacy.  You will learn how to have the closeness you desire with each step.

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Lion and Lamb

Man Up Pride Down

Empowering good men, lost men, and fatherless men who want the truth and wisdom to stand up and take their rightful place.  Real men want to live in the image of God in the home, and then In the world abroad, knowing how to lead and to sacrifice.

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Wisdom nuggets for men

Courageous Warriors

Sharing strength, enlightenment, and encouragement to give men quick powerful nuggets that can easily be applied daily for life-changing effects.  Straight to the point wisdom to build up the man from the inside out.

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Wisdom nuggets for ladies

Beautiful Girls

Quick empowerment nuggets of wisdom for women to help navigate the daily journey of life with clarity.  Putting the right priorities in perspective makes all the difference in living versus surviving, and this will simplify the path and silence the noise.

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The Original

Harlon’s Locker Room Session

A powerful live event with relationship Q&A’s for true solutions that can bring clarity, and kill the confusion that fuels fights, discord, and break-ups.  It can be paired with a live music concert which makes a great date night. Available in various formats and venues both spiritual and natural.

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