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Every person depending on what your experience or how you were raised and exposed to money has helped shape the way you respect or disrespect it’s value. The Bible says that the “love of money is the root of evil”, that means when a person makes money their god and pursue it as if it has the key to life, that person will kill, steal, and destroy others which is evil.

The Bible also says that “money answers all things”, what that scripture means is that we live in a world where we have the exchange of currency, and when we use it rightly we can use what we have to help solve each others problems that have a cost attached to supplying the need for someone starting at home and then abroad. God says you cannot have money as your god and still think that He is your God because He will not be second or equal to anything you worship and seek after.

Is it okay to have or make a lot of money no matter who you are? Absolutely, you can make as much money legally as you like. The difference is that you own the money but the money does not own you. Here, I just want to make a few practical points as to some good ways to use the money you make. When you know that money is a tool for life and to be used for good, and you respect that, then you will always have it when you have the knowledge, skill, and opportunity to earn it.

Making money moves is not a secret or anything to be ashamed of. As a matter of fact, Jesus says in the parable of the “Ten Talents” that you should take those gifts, talents, money, time, and invest it properly and it will give you double your rate in return. This simply means when you use what you have the right way, it will multiply and you will continue to increase. Money helps you take care of your needs and live the life you desire, but also it gives you the tools to help someone and meet the needs of others who need a little help sometimes.

Are you single or married? If you’re single and out of college, you can still live at home for a little bit. This is not to be lazy, waste your money, or think your parents house is still yours; no, you are a guest and don’t forget that. You should only be there to be wise to save up money, pay off student loans as you are preparing to get your own place and live your life with a good head start. Save your money. Start your retirement account with a financial professional as soon as you start working from day one. Start saving for your goals such as your own place, and marriage. Don’t waste your money eating out everyday. Set a budget as if you’re on your own and stick to it. If you are not at home, get good roommates and still stick to this same plan.

Married people should have a real monthly budget and stick to it. Aggressively pay off any outstanding debt and save and pay cash for items like furniture. You need a financial professional from day one to set your financial affairs in order and protect your present and future. Live on one salary for five years and then when you have kids, you will be way ahead of the curve and it won’t be a struggle if you need or want to stay home and raise them until they’re old enough to talk and then go to childcare. Making money moves is not all just making the money which you should also do aggressively, but not at the expense of loving money as your god and forgetting about God and your spouse or selling your soul for money. Make money so that you can meet all your financial responsibilities, accomplish your goals, serve God without that distraction, and help your neighbors. Making money moves is a great thing when you have your priorities in order. If you have a good relationship with money, it will never leave you. Everything is about relationship, build them well!

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  • Clifton Gross says:

    This is my outlook on God, money and life! This is very helpful information, that I pray we as people will adhere to, that our legacies may be Godful from generation to generation!

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