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We have to talk about the money or the lack thereof. I’m talking about that money that you make, wish you made, or that you’ve already spent two weeks before the month is over. Don’t be embarrassed, you are in the company of nearly 80 percent of the American population. The people on your job or the one’s in your neighborhood are all experiencing financial ups and downs as we tread through the years.

I’m not talking about less fortunate people, but middle class and upward who make what we call a decent living but yet we have over a trillion dollars of borrowed money in student loan debt. People have all types of degrees for their professions but not many have true financial education. Yes, we believe in paying our bills on time but we tend to spend all of our money on our wants and end up struggling to keep up with our responsibilities like saving money, and paying our mortgage ahead of time.

People get real private when it comes to discussing money, but are spending it very publicly with homes, cars, and jewelry to look like the Jones’. It doesn’t help that our banks, and other businesses work very hard to keep our pockets empty. Everywhere we look there’s an offer in our face to lure that money right out of our bank account. What can we do?

I wish I knew then what I know now about money and the Biblical principles concerning it and how to apply that in the real world. I was married young and had no idea about how to make or save money the right way to maximize it. It was almost ten years and too many fights about money that I was introduced to a financial coach who showed me everything I should have been taught my whole life. I can’t tell you how much I wished I could rewind that ten years and get back or invest all the money I’d lost due to ignorance. what you don’t know will absolutely hurt you.

Most divorces are due to fights about finances because neither involved have a true understanding of what to do and how to do even if they are not wasteful. The bottom line is, if you want to have more money than month, you need the education that only a financial professional can offer. You must stop hiding and pretending everything is well when you know money fights are a daily struggle even if you make lots of money. If this were not so, celebrities would never file for bankruptcy. Stop trying to look rich on the outside and live below and within your means. Stop buying furniture to impress people who don’t even live with you. Trust me when the money is funny, so is the relationship and all falls down. Take advantage of financial education and take control of your financial life. The months keep going but we don’t have to live check to check, that’s not what God designed us to do. Our relationship with money has to be based on the Biblical principles or we won’t have it when we need it. Save your money and it will be there for you. Everything is about relationship, build them well.

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