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When you say the word faith, most people understand that it means to have a belief in something. Is it possible to have faith in something that will profit you nothing? Yes, some people put faith in all types of things like other people who care nothing about their well-being, titles, money, possessions, and idols worshiped as a god,

What is faith? The true principle of faith is absolutely believing in something happening or being real and will happen before you physically see or touch it. For example, you use faith all of the time, it’s just that it’s not much faith because you can touch some part of it. You get into your car and have absolute faith/belief that it will and should start, even though you have no idea what the mechanical parts are doing and how it even works. You go to your job and you work earnestly not knowing but believing that you will definitely have a check or money deposited into your account at the end of the week. You see your family members off to work and school believing in faith that you will see them when the day is done.

You can’t see or control what is happening with your car or your family members. You can’t see or control what is happening at your company or in the computer system, but you put your life information and your livelihood into the hands of people and machines that you cannot control and yet you have faith/belief that everyone will do what is right by you.

Some people will stake their lives on these things but forget to put their lives and faith in the hands of the one who holds all things, and makes all things good in the world possible. The one true God (Jesus) is where all of our faith should be. Some say well I can’t put my faith in a God I can’t touch and see. What has the car, the statue, or your own self ever created or made? How do we have the sun, moon, stars, trees, grass, and everything that is good for life and not have faith in the God who obviously made it. You see Him everywhere you look and in everything that is. Wires, computers, our minds and bodies or anything in the world is void without God as He created everything and it works because He is in us as we are made in His image.

To be led by faith means, that you believe that God is and that He is everywhere in all things and at all times present. Everything that is, is because He spoke it into existence and we get to enjoy it and make our own choices because He is such a good Father. To be led by faith means that you will take Him at His Word and not make yourself, your titles, your children, spouse, another person or anything that exists your god. Faith means that you believe with all your heart and mind that God is real and that He has done all things for your good and that He has given us everything we need for life on earth and that He is always with us. Faith means that we put our total trust in God and we believe it before we see it. True faith can only come by relationship with Jesus and reading the Word of God (Bible). You have to spend time with what you believe in to build the relationship so that it is unbreakable. Everything is about relationship, build them well!

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