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Let’s be honest, have you ever felt like the person who promised to be your soulmate to love, honor, and cherish you for life is actually your enemy? We only need to look at the divorce rate to see that this must be believed by over 52% of those who promised until death do us part. This staggering percentage includes those who say they are followers of Christ as well as those who are non-believers.

We have one true enemy and he is called the devil (satan). He hates everything that God loves, and marriage is right at the top of that list. Why? Because marriage is the foundation of the family and family is the foundation of the world (Genesis 1:26-27). This very real enemy began his assault on the family with Adam and Eve and has not ceased to seek destruction of the family and Gods order since that time, and if we are willing to open our eyes, we can see that it’s still happening more than ever.

Have you ever said, “my wife/husband is the devil’? It’s okay, you are not alone. You see, we all have the option to be love or hate, unity or division, and giver or taker in our relationships. The sad thing is when we can’t see that one or the both of us are being selfish which is the root of anything wrong or evil. When you only think about self benefit or gratification, you have already endorsed a losing situation for both of you. If one of you loses, then both of you lose at the same time. There is only a win if the both of you are happy. The tragedy is that too many people leave their spouses alone on the battlefield of life.

If what you do to, with, for, and towards your spouse is not giving of yourself for the betterment of their well-being then you are acting as an enemy. Love only gives, it does not take away (1 Corinthians 13). When you love someone you don’t purposely do anything to cause them hurt, harm, or death. When you love them, you bring them added peace, not heartache, disappointment, and turmoil. Your mate should never feel like you are the devil and that you hate them and wish to only bring them down. Everything you do should lift them up. You are not responsible for making them happy, but you are to add to it, never to take away from that.

How do you talk to your spouse? Do you sound like love or do you sound like hate? Are you mean to them? Are you impatient with them? Do you talk down at them? Are you hard to live with? Do you sound like security or insecurity? If your spouse cannot rest with you, play with you, laugh with you, enjoy time with you, or whatever you do together, then one or both of you are acting like their enemy. Your words and your actions should be one and the same and should only build them up and bring comfort just like God does to those who love him. No one wants to marry, sleep, have intercourse or spend their life with someone who acts like they only want to destroy you. Don’t let it be you. Marriage is supposed to feel like heaven, not hell. Everything is about relationship, build them well!

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