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Since there have been people in the world, we have looked at what others have and decided that it should be ours. Yeah, that would be where bad things start to happen. Have you ever been the person or the victim of someone looking across the fence into someone else’s life and wished that they could take that spot or have that life? Oh, so you want what seems to be their fairy tale huh?

Men sometimes get caught up in our vision and we can begin to look and stare too long and start wanting another man’s wife. This can happen to any man that has no thought about anyone but himself. His vision has gotten the best of him and he is now imagining this man’s wife as his own. He sees how beautiful she is and she seems more beautiful than anything right now, but he has no idea who she is and what she is like. All he knows is that he now has a strong desire to have her and he really doesn’t know why.

Women do this same thing whether single or married. She can look at her friend or some other woman and see the nice house, the cars, the jewelry, and the posted trips and think she should or would like to take that woman’s place. At this point she does not see anything but what she desires. She doesn’t see breaking up a home, or the damage to the children, all she can see is I want to take her place. She has no idea what the man is like or if she would be able to stand him for one day, but it just looks so good from the outside and the materialistic things have her thinking that’s the life she deserves even if she has to steal it from another woman who wants the same thing she does.

Those of us in our right minds know full and well that we want our personal love, mate, family, home, career, cars, loyalty, and great life to call our own. Don’t let the deception of the grass looks greener on the other side deceive you into thinking that their fairy tale can be yours. You’ve got to get your own. Why would you want what I’ve already been using anyway? You have no idea how I have treated them or how they have treated me.

A woman’s husband can look great from the outside because that’s what he shows you when he is in public. Some women have all the good stuff from the outside but he may be cheating, abusive, mean, and neglects her. She may be miserable and you think you want her life. Who wants a big home with money you have no access to or control over because he won’t give you access to the accounts because he is an evil man who just married you to abuse you because he is sick in the head.

A man’s wife could look like a queen from the outside and have what looks physically perfect. He may be miserable with her. He may be everything she needs, but she may be selfish, jealous, manipulative, and just purely contentious. He may be so unfulfilled, and just hate he ever asked her out.

The point is, we should never allow ourselves to covet (desire strongly to have) what someone else has no matter how it may look on the outside. The fact of the matter is that we can have our own fairy tale and we don’t have to take someone’s leftovers or break-up someones home, family or relationship to have it. We only need to love honestly, and keep our relationships in tact by truly building the intimacy (close bond) that we desire. When it’s yours rightfully, we never have to live looking over our shoulders wondering when the boom is coming back around on me because I stole what I have. You should only want what is free and clear and what the two of you build together. If what you desire and seek after is not yours, then you need to bring your eyes and emotions back into your own yard and beautify what you have. Build your own fairy tale, you’re worth it. Everything is about relationship, build them well!

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