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“For I hate divorce, says the Lord, the God of Israel” (Malachi 2:16). The Lord Jesus said that we should not divorce except for adultery by your spouse. We also do not need to stay in a marriage where the spouse is physically abusing you. What about if it’s verbal, neglect, lack of communication or I’m just not feeling it? Why do we ignore God when He knows everything we need? Who are you talking to? If it’s not God it’s not good.

Females start planning their wedding at age 5, and men start planning after they ask the woman to marry him. What’s really happening here? First of all, God put the first marriage together and they never left each other until death separated them. There is no marriage and dating in heaven or hell. In this day and time, people file for divorce just because they are not feeling each other, agitated by each other for some need that the other person may or may not have any knowledge of.

Why are we seriously considering or talking about divorce? Is there adultery going on? Is there physical abuse going on? What offense has been done against you? Why can’t we deal with this and seek counseling so that we can find the root of the problem, forgive each other and work through it like God told us to? What is going on with us? What is the problem? Did I do something to hurt you? Did I not apologize? Are you not willing to forgive me?

If you tell me you are not a believer (follower of Christ) then I understand your dilemma, because you don’t confess to go by the Bible standards and you make up your own. If you are a believer, then you are acting as if you don’t know what to do. Where is your relationship with your Father (God)? Do you not know what love is, because it’s all in Him. Have you not read Ephesians 5? If you know the way, then why are you having such a hard time walking in that right way, which is love. Do you not know the definition and description of love? If I ask you if love is a choice or a feeling, what would you answer? Love is a choice!

The point is, whatever is going on, we need to get to professional and or wise unbiased spiritual counseling ASAP, because we are about to fall apart and we promised to love, honor, and cherish each other for life. If we meant what we said in front of God and witnesses, then divorce is not for us. Problems have solutions, all we have to do is fight for love. God hates divorce, but our enemy is rooting for our demise, because he loves when we split up our family, children, money, homes, cars, and unity because we simply refuse to do what love does. Love never quits and it never fails. Love doesn’t leave, people do. I’m here fighting for you, what are we going to do?

People, don’t let issues steal your marriage. Get to counseling right now and get these issues out of your lives so that your relationship is strong. Get the tools for marriage and keep your family together. Feelings are your enemy, bring them under submission and take divorce out of your options. Everything is about relationship, build them well!

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