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The dating world can seem complicated and confusing sometimes. You have a lot to think about while trying to protect your heart from the wrong person and knowing when to open up for the right one. Yeah, this can be so tricky because people show you what they want you to see, which is sometimes just a big fake presentation. Make sure yours and their actions match what is being said, if not one or both of you are liars.

You don’t have time to decide who is acting and who is actually being real and authentic. How many dates have you been on recently that turned out to be a total waste of time? How long have you been in the relationship you’re currently in but want to exit? What is the problem? I’m always amazed when I talk to someone and they are complaining about their relationship. My question is why are you still there?

This is why we have to understand that dating is an interview. Entering into a so-called relationship with someone before you spend the time to find out what their character is and their intent or reason for interviewing to have time and space in your life is just not being responsible. You have to know first of all, if you are a genuine person looking for a real relationship, that you are too valuable for someone who just wants to play with your reality. Why would you have time for games?

Never be afraid to ask a person what you really want and need to know. For example, what is your purpose for dating, are you just trying to buy time until something clicks in your head or do you know what you want? Are you looking for a relationship to be committed or are you just looking for physical benefits to satisfy your hormones? Are you looking for marriage or still playing around like a teenager?

You see, we act like we are afraid to have real conversations which would lead to the truth in a person’s character and intent. Fake and shallow conversation will only keep actors operating in their script. Real conversation will bring out what’s really in a person’s heart. Don’t be so quick to let people into your life, make them earn that place in time with caution. Too often we are focused only on the exterior and things of a sexual nature and we don’t even know if we like the person.

What’s on the outside of them is easy to see, and is not the part that hurts us if they are not real. The true nature of what’s in their heart and mind is what can hurt us because that is the part they can hide and show what they choose to win you over. If you have entered a courtship or find yourself dating someone and you are not enjoying the journey you need to make a decision.

If a person is treating you in any way other than what is right, pleasing, and good, then you have to know that they are doing exactly what they want to do. No one can make them treat you bad. You didn’t do it, it’s not their parents fault, the devil can’t make them do it so don’t make excuses for them just simply exit and never look back.

You see we develop false loyalties to things and people who are not loyal to us. relationship is a reciprocal exchange and should be full of kindness, honesty and growth in the positive direction. No, we don’t always agree on everything but I’m speaking of consistent mistreatment, mean, selfish, jealousy, and making life miserable. Remember, you’re not married to them, and you should not put up with this at all. People do what they want to do, and you cannot change them nor is it your place to do so.

This is why dating should be kept simple and to conversation and not sex, because sex is just in the way of your clear thoughts. Who want’s to have sex with a person they can’t stand to be around otherwise? Stop wasting your time and become good at saying goodbye when you know it’s not right and it only tears you down instead of building you up. It’s supposed to be good not bad. Everything is about relationship, build them well!


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