I know we live in a fast paced world where we want everything to happen in an instant. Just because we have access to entertainment and information at the touch of a button in 1or 2 seconds does not mean that the most important things in life happen that way. Yes, we can see greatness or tragedy all in a moment, but I’m talking about those things that are right in the front of your mind and riding inside your heart. I’m talking about those goals, dreams and desires.

We are spoiled in our society and we forget to enjoy the present moment. The reason I say thank you now, is because so many of us are always looking at NEXT. You get a new home and you can’t enjoy it because you’re not thankful because it’s not really your dream home and you miss being happy, grateful and content where you are because you’re still thinking about next. You get a new car, new job, accomplish a new goal, get a degree or even a compliment and you miss the moment because you’re focused on next.

What are you chasing? What are you searching for? You will be continually and always disappointed when you can’t enjoy the gift called the “present”. The moment you have now is the only one you have, the next moment is not promised or guaranteed. If dead people could talk, they would tell you to stop looking so far in the future and filling yourself with fear and the cares of this life and focus on the moment and maximize it, because you can never get it back and it is the most important time in your life. Thank you now!

We chase careers, promotions, titles, people, approval, status, and such and miss the wonderful and priceless things that we take for granted like our spouses, children, families, friends and all the wonderful things that are right there in our faces because we’re looking over the fence and down the road at things we’ve put in our minds that are just full of selfish desire. We covet and lust for things that will not make us any happier and fail to realize we already have everything we need in the ‘present”.

How offensive it is to fail to appreciate the things you have in your hands because you’re looking at someone else’s hands and comparing yourself and your life with theirs or something on social media. Grab hold of your mind and heart and eat a bowl of humble soup each day and drink a gallon of gratefulness. The reason you’re tired, depressed, frustrated, or discontent is because you’re obsession with next is killing your now.

Until you bring your focus into the present and be thankful for the blessings you have right now, you will just frustrate yourself right through next and miss both now and next because your focus is just like a racecar and life will seem like one quick blur and you will live and then die with regret because you’re unthankful for now so focused on your next. Live now, and let next fall into place as you live according to purpose walking in amazing grace. Everything is about relationship, build them well!

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