So you’re headed to college huh? I know, it can be a big deal and you may be feeling some type of way. Yes, it is a big deal and you should be both excited and a little nervous because it’s a big deal and it’s the beginning of a new chapter in life. The good news is that millions of people just like you are feeling and experiencing the same things so you’re not alone by any means. The other good news is, you’ll do just fine. I hear ya, what’s the bad news? I have no bad news for you, you should have the education foundation already, and only need to continue applying it.

Here’s where you may need some help. Do you really know what your degree “major” plan should be? If you asked people if they love their work or job (what they do everyday) 7 out of 10 would say absolutely not. This is a serious problem and a tragedy in our world. Why? People are not taught in the home, school years nor college about purpose, plan, and destiny. We are not taught about staying close to those things that are in our natural skills, abilities and our personality that make us very happy and fulfilled without thought or pressure.

What does this mean? It means that your degree should line up with your personality and your passion and natural gifts and talents. “Well my parents told me that won’t pay bills”. Really? Tell that to the doctor who can’t wait to get to his patients not for money but for the love of helping someone live. Tell that to the person you see smiling when you walk into their place of work or the business they own because they love what they do. Tell that to that favorite teacher of yours that you loved going to his/her class everyday. Tell that to Beyonce’ or that guy that just created an App while in high school that just changed the way the whole world does business.

Parents responsibility is to pay attention to our children and see what lights you up and makes you forget time and we have to tell you to stop and go to sleep because you would do what you do all day and forget time exists or that you need food or water because you’re so engraved in what you love. For some people that’s technology. For some people that’s communicating. For some that’s numbers or analytics. For some it’s solving problems. For you it may be medicine, the arts, law, owning your own business or becoming a teacher of your passion.

The world teaches you to chase money by chasing what seems to be trending or what may seem to be a growing demand. Let me ask you a simple question: Would you want a doctor working on you or a loved one who doesn’t really want to be a doctor but his parents forces him to but he wanted to be an accountant because he loves making numbers work? I didn’t think so. My point is, you should do what makes you happy because you are the one that will wake up and do it every day. If you already had all the money in the world what would you still do everyday? If you would still do the thing you’re earning a degree for then it’s the right thing.

The difference in living and surviving is not the five, six or seven figures you earn but whether or not you love what you do. You can make all the money you want doing what you love. How? If you look forward to and count the days until Friday, that is survival even if they pay you six figures. If you don’t care what day it is, and you love waking up to do what you do and it excites you and you don’t care what time it is, then, that’s living. People who hate what they do are very unhappy and hard to live with and usually live very unfulfilled lives.

No, everyone won’t be famous and earn a hundred million dollars, but the last time I checked these people are the main one’s in rehab, abusing drugs, experiencing divorce and custody battles or suicide, just to be frank. So, is that what you think success is, more money? You will only be happy if you do what is true to your personality, heart, and gifted area. For example, if you love to talk, how in the world will you be happy in a job that requires you not to speak. You have to be in an environment where you can communicate freely and get paid to do so. The industry should be something you like but the positions to do what you do are everywhere, you just have to make sure you’re not living for your parents or what the media says it trending.

Here’s how you know. If you are not excited and at peace with what you are pursuing, you are headed in the wrong direction. Even if your career pays you five figures you will be happier than six figures doing what you hate and stresses you out every day. These kind of people end up depressed and hurting the people they say they love. Don’t live someone else’s life. Be in tuned with who you are and stay with your passions. This does not mean quit school to go to Hollywood to be like Justin or Ariana. If you want to be an artist, still get your degree in what you want to do such as teach music, or engineering, etc. You don’t need a degree to be the Jonas Brothers but you need a degree because it’s hard to get to that level not because of your lack of talent but because of lack of exposure.

Your degree is for you to earn a living doing what you love as well as being able to support and fund your passion until you build your passion into a business stream of income and you can enjoy life with the work you love and your passion. When you love it, it’s not work, it’s freedom and a beautiful life that is fulfilling everyday. People who love what they do, love life. Make sure your degree is for you, not mom and dad or fear. Talk to your parents and don’t be afraid to live your life. You may have to educate your parents about your field, as they will only fight you because they don’t know what your field can do for you. They are just speaking out of fear that you will not be able to take care of yourself and that is crazy. They love you, and are only doing what they know to be best, but sometimes they don’t have a clue and you have to fight for your life to do what you love. If you stay true to your gifts and what lights you up, you’ll make money, but most importantly, you’ll be very happy. Everything is about relationship, build them well!

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