We see people everyday and we assume and take for granted that because they smile when you see them in public, at work, as they walk to the mailbox or pass you at church or the mall that all is well with them. Yes, we smile and say we love God and we say that we are good. Sometimes we are good, and sometimes we are just trying not to complain. Sometimes we don’t trust you with our faults, sins and weaknesses because we either have foolish pride or you have not proven yourself a trustworthy friend or place of safety where we can release.

Men are the one’s who hide more than anyone. We learn how to pretend early in life because everyone is telling us to be strong without explanation or teaching us how to be weak by babying us and not teaching us accountability. Women like to talk but are so emotional and do not trust their own emotions nor anyone else’s so they doubt themselves and end up still not fulfilled. Children hide or seek advice from the wrong people and give people who mistreat them all of the power of influence over their lives instead of listening to the right people who love them.

The devil is laughing at our ignorance and God is looking at us thinking, my children, I gave them all authority in the earth and they are still acting like I’m not present or as if I left them lacking anything. They have the answers to all of life and they live like they’re clueless and weak, waiting for a Savior when I’ve already saved them and empowered them to rule the world.

We smile in public and go inside of our homes and we fight amongst ourselves as husbands and wives about money, the lack of money, the children, work, bills, social media and other people. We don’t know how to talk and listen and take care of each other but we have become academy award winning actors as we fool everyone on the outside. We look good with our house, cars and children as if we are an all-loving family and behind closed doors we are falling apart in every direction faith, family, finance, and health.

We are not having fun, not making love, not spending time with our children, not loving our neighbor, yet we show up at work and worship and act like life is all good when we want to just get away or completely give up and throw in the towel. We’re not happy and we’re so tired of pretending and fighting and struggling with life and it’s ups and downs. We love our spouses and kids but we’re so lost and off the path and we blame them and God for all that’s wrong.

Behind closed doors do we really believe God? Do we really care about our neighbor or just ourselves? Is our faith in God or our money? Who are we trying to impress? Are the Jones’ really happy or are they wearing a mask and living on egg shells about the crack also? Are we living our lives for God or for fake friends, social performance, our relatives, co-workers or to prove we’re good enough to our parents?

Guys, we should live our lives only measured by what God says about us, not what the world or ourselves have built up in our minds as success. We can never think that we are doing anything apart from the grace and love of God. The joy and happiness that we want and need only comes from us, our marriage and family household being truly in relationship with Jesus our God and following His example and obeying His commands to love Him with all your heart and love your neighbor (everyone) as your self. Joy, peace, and happiness all come from Him, and if we want to live a life we can truly say we enjoy and not have to pretend or lie, we must be wrapped in Him and use His principles in every area of life to have heaven on earth before we enjoy absolute heaven in eternity.

This is why we need counseling and support from real people who will tell us the truth all of the time. We need to stop lying to ourselves and trying to impress people who have no place to put us and that we owe nothing but love. Love instead of complaining. Keep your mind on the things of God and tell the lusts of this world no. In order to be whole you need to live holy and give all of your issues to the one who can hold them. Your life is too valuable to waste with misery. Choose to live well and stop living a lie behind closed doors. Who you are in public and who you are behind closed doors should be one and the same. Peace and blessings to you. Everything is about relationship, build them well!

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