Hello ladies, you are not your husbands mother so stop trying to treat him like you are his mommy. You are his wife. Your responsibility is to love, honor, and respect him, not tell him what to do and boss him around nor treat him like he’s a little boy earning brownie points. He’s your BABY, not your baby. Do you understand the words that you are reading right now?

You are not charged with raising him, that was his parents job, and if they did not do it, you should have dealt with that before you started dating him and certainly before you married him. What you do for and towards your son if you have one, or would do if you did, is not the way you talk to, respond to, or deal with your husband. He is the head of the house, whether he was taught to act like it or not. You are not the boss, so stop treating him like you are his supervisor.

It doesn’t matter if your husband pretends not to be bothered by this, or if he’s a mamma’s boy and thinks this is cool, okay, or cute, you and I both know that it’s not. Real men do not like to be treated like a child nor will we allow our wives to treat us as such. Real men are lions and lambs, we know how to lead and sacrifice, but we know for sure that we are no longer a little boy under the rule of our biological mother, so we sure did not marry you to become our mother. You are your husbands lover, not his babysitter. If we have children, save your parenting for them, do not forget whom you’re talking to and speak to your husband as if he is your child.

When a man is doing something whether he is okay, hurt, working, tired, sick, or whatever the case, do not talk to him like a little puppy or some little boy. He is a king and you need to never forget that. Always talk or speak upward to your man. When you are taking care of him in any way emotionally or physically, he is a Man, your Man, not your little boy.

If by chance you were not taught the right way or did not see the right examples growing up, then you have to make the quick adjustment now and get it right. Children are not raised to stay young but to become independent adults. Do not baby him in private nor in front of others, and never disrespect him. He is not stupid, dumb, or some robot that you control. You married him and you expect to be treated like a queen, and so you should treat him like your king whether he is perfect or not, you married him and that’s what he is. Talk to him and treat him like the king he is created to be and he will become that.

If you try to mommy him, he will just rebel and that may be the reason why he would rather stay outside, in the man cave, at work or with the guys, because you don’t know how to make him feel like a Man. Talk to him like he’s superman and he will act like he is superman. Put the “S” on his chest and never try to treat him as if you rule over him or mother him; this is totally wrong and out of order and you will lose out on your king and that’s not what you want because every woman wants a king. Everything is about relationship, build them well!

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