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The marriage bedroom is created by God to be the only, but also a wonderful place of sexual bliss. I know we live in a world where people indulge in all types of sexual acts. I want to talk about the sensational way sex is designed to be when a man and a woman join in holy matrimony. When the two of us become one in marriage, it is meant to be undefiled and sexsational.

The honeymoon is one of those moments that should be filled with anticipation as well as some anxiety. Why? Because the two of you have just made one of the greatest and most important decisions in your entire life. You have decided to join your life in unity with one person whom you promise to love honor and cherish until you no longer exist on this side of heaven. The honey moon is designed to be that day the two of you confirm your unity when you unite for the first time in sexual intercourse.

It is designed to be the first time for the both of you to experience sex. For most couples this is not the reality for both or one of them. We live in a world where people think that sex is just something you do just because you’re aroused and you want to. It is expected that the two of you have the same nervous energy and anticipation. You love each other and you get to connect on this whole new level of sexual intimacy. Intimacy is not sex; sex is a result of and part of the intimacy (bond/closeness) that we already have in our relationship that has been building to get us to this life decision to become one.

Now that you’re married don’t ever allow complacency to lower the blaze in your sex life. Don’t seek to settle in and become comfortable where you stop pursuing each other with passion. Ravage each other as often as you like and keep your sexual intercourse at a blazing high level. The two of you together are responsible for keeping the temperature turned up at all times. No, it’s not hard, you just have to know that your mate needs to know that they are wanted and welcomed to your body party. Don’t ever hold back on intimacy.

Flirting daily while keeping open and honest communication flowing is the key to having a wonderful life together. You have to be on the same page in order to be successful. Sometimes we need help staying focused on the right things. Seek counseling if you did not do so prior to getting married so that you have the proper tools to govern your marriage. Don’t wait for problems to occur before you seek to learn how to communicate and have a healthy relationship. Keep lots of laughter in your lives and learn how to settle disagreements, as well as forgive quickly.

Life will surely test you, but the two of you need to keep each other focused and find a healthy balance that works for the both of you to be your best. Keep a strong dating lifestyle so that you don’t forget how you got here. You remember how you were when you couldn’t wait to get to each other? Don’t ever stop being excited about each other. Be each others number one fan and support. When your spouse knows that you are all in for them, that sexual desire for each other is a continued building desire for the two of you. Don’t ever put another person (mentally or emotionally) where only you and your spouse belong, it will destroy intimacy.

When you have sex, be uninhibited in your passion for one another. Be open and honest about what turns you on and what turns you off. This learning experience is supposed to be a wonderful journey, not a take-off from some previous experience with another person or some pornographic movie that you are trying to incorporate with the two of you. Sex is an awesome exploration of your two bodies in one party together to please each other to ecstasy as often as you choose. When you kiss and touch and connect in any way, do it like it is your last time. Go crazy over each other. Tell your spouse and show them how to please your body and what pleases you.

Sex is a treasure hunt, but like all great treasure hunts, it has clues. In this case don’t leave your spouse clueless. Tell them exactly where it is so that they can’t miss and the both of you get everything you want and desire when you go at each other. Talk about what things excite you in all points of your life from communication, attitudes, words, flirting, and hygiene. Don’t do things that your spouse hates or that makes them uncomfortable because you both will lose. Get childhood hang-ups out of your mind and life so that you don’t limit your love life and relationship and cause it to die.

Having a great life together takes a conscious effort on a daily basis. You must take care of yourself (heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit) so that you make it a joy to be in love and spend this life with you as a partner and soulmate. Work, children, family members, or outside sources can never interfere with the two of you taking care of each other first in priority. When the two of you are one, everything else will work because you are doing it as one for the same purpose. Everything you do affects your sex life and you need a wonderful sex life to help keep your marriage and unity strong. God gave us sex for marriage so that we have healthy pleasure and produce healthy families. Keep it sexsational and the two of you will live your lives smiling and growing fine like wine in marital bliss. “Everything is about relationship, build them well”.

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