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The moment we start comparing ourselves to someone else, is the moment we begin to deteriorate and kill our own greatness.  There are people all around us as well as the ones we see on medias around the world with whom we can see and choose to admire, learn from or compare our lives to.  The danger in seeing all these people, is that some are real, and some are presenting false lives.  We each have our own uniqueness and with that our own gifts, strengths and weaknesses.  We each have something to contribute to the world as well as our own personal goals and destiny’s.  When we take the focus from our own abilities and look at others, the comparison could kill our own potential.

Their lives are not yours.  When we look at another’s gift, talent or ability, it does not take away from the one(s) you have unless you stop using your own because you’re distracted looking at theirs.  This is how low self-esteem and lack of confidence begins to take over your mind and you start looking at the other person as your measure instead of your own goals and abilities.  They are not you and you cannot be them.  You are out of focus if you think they have something you don’t or something you want.  That is evidence that you have lost sight of whom you are.  Your talents and abilities are your vehicle to make your personal mark in the world where you are gifted to do so, and it has nothing to do with them.

Jealousy is the next evidence that you are out of focus and looking over the fence and around the world to compare yourself to others.  Your siblings, friends, or people that are celebrities have nothing to do with what is inside of you.  A person who compares will go from admiration to envy and hatred.  The devil admired God as he should but then became jealous and prideful and wanted to be God, but that wasn’t possible.  Now he is Gods biggest hater, because he compared himself to his creator and was banished out of heaven for eternity for his selfish heart and thinking he could overthrow heaven.  This is how most enemies are born, through admiration turned into jealousy.  Thinking that this person has something that belongs to you or that they are living your life.

No one can live your life or possess something that belongs to you, when they are not in your body nor you in theirs.  Each person has their own thing and should never compare that with any person.  Your comparison should only be to the effort you give yourself in using everything God has put inside of you.  You are your best asset or worst liability based on what you think and believe about yourself.  Never desire or envy someone’s marriage, possessions, position, title, status, family, house, cars, children, looks, physique, etc.  You must live your best life with what you are capable of, not what someone else is doing, or has accomplished.

Comparison kills because you begin to wither within your mind and heart, once you begin to think that your life is based on or measured to someone else’s.  God is not comparing you to anyone so why would you.  You will die and take to the grave what should have been treasured, appreciated, and shared with the world, all because you spent your time and life looking at others and trying to imitate them and envy what they have done instead of maximizing your potential.  This is a tragedy for many, but don’t let it be for you.  If you find yourself being saddened or paralyzed looking over the fence, grab your mind and bring your attention to your own gifts, talents and abilities and live your life based on the desire and design God has for you and your life will be full and complete, lacking nothing because you are living your life, not stuck trying to become or live in someone else’s nightmare or fantasy.  Perception is dangerous when it is blinded.  Don’t let comparison kill you, live your own destiny and allow others to enjoy living theirs.  “Everything is about relationship, build them well”.  

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