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Fact is fact and fiction is fiction.  One of these are real and one is imaginary or made up.  A fact means this is real and tangible, where fiction means it’s not an actual fact therefore considered untrue.  One man can answer only for himself even when others may argue against him/her.  I do know that many argue the difference or get confused with the difference in religion and true relationship with the Lord Jesus our God.  

The most confusion is that most people, even believers don’t understand that Jesus is God because of not reading the scripture or just lack of understanding.  Jesus is clearly the only way to Heaven and I know that I have nothing if I don’t receive Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior of my life and soul.  I pose this message of discussion because I don’t want to leave anyone confused as to knowing exactly where we stand individually with salvation, grace and mercy.  

God had mercy on our sinful souls and sent Himself in the body of Christ to bring us back to Him by paying for our sins Himself.  His grace means that He gave us favor that we did not earn or deserve and instead of killing us or allowing us all to go to hell according to our sinful nature that is against Him, He took our place and said I’ll give you opportunity to choose to be in My will/family.  Salvation means that He saved us, when all evidence of our living decisions to choose sin more than righteousness due to our weak flesh failed us; grace and mercy said save the children and Love said I will.

So now then, what God gave to me through Christ Jesus, I do  for you what He did for me.  I give Him all of me so that I may serve you.  So I find that when I follow Jesus I do so by Faith in Him to lead me though my natural eyes don’t see what He tells me in the Spirit unless I believe by faith to see it come to fulfillment in the natural.  I understand as I follow Him, how much He forgave me when He took my place.  So then, I must forgive you for where you’ve wronged me no matter what it was or how it hurt me and my fragile feelings if I want to be as He is and stay in His will.  He never asks me to do something He Himself has not already done.  I forgive you.

 Finally, because He so loved the world/His children, He gave everything to bring us back to Him where we belong in His presence and His Family.  I too must love you that much that I am willing to put my life to God’s use beyond my feelings and comfort that you may know Him for yourself if you have not given your life to Him, don’t know how, are ashamed, and just need a hand to pull you out of the darkness into His marvelous light.  Just as He didn’t, I will not judge you nor cast you out but I will love you and introduce you to your Father, Savior, Lord and King Jesus.  

Without faith , repentance, forgiveness and love I can’t say that I truly believe and follow Jesus because these are the essential keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and without Jesus I absolutely don’t have any of them because He holds all of these keys.  He first loved us, then He forgave us, and by faith we receive Him.  Jesus, I have nothing if I don’t have you! “Everything is about relationship, build them well”.

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