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Here you are again looking to board the flight in another relationship. You look like you’re okay and ready for a new chapter but the fact is, you never finished the last chapter. You would be doing yourself and the next person a huge favor if you would just turn in your boarding pass, get a refund on your ticket and just get off this flight of trying to land a new relationship when you never closed the last one. Get off the plane so that you can get off this cycle of dysfunction.

It’s not that you don’t deserve love, but you cannot fairly or rightly enter a new relationship when you didn’t even finish and close the door on the last one before you attempt to start a new one. In what world is this right except in the mind of a selfish person who doesn’t care about the other person you’re affecting? Are you afraid to be alone? If this is your reason then you are allowing fear and selfishness to lead you to wrong someone who had no fair choice to allow you into their space with all of your old baggage.

You owe it to yourself to get rid of and deal with the old and be totally clear before you allow someone to enter your life or you enter theirs. Who can have a clear shot with loving you when you didn’t even allow space in the moments you just broke up with the last person and here you are in someone else’s space with that same sent on you from that last relationship that failed.

You didn’t even process what happened and why it happened. You haven’t even given yourself space to step back and take inventory and clear your heart and mind from what didn’t work so that you could learn a true lesson and gain wisdom and understanding before moving forward. A new relationship cannot take flight and have a successful landing if it started as a rebound from the last one. You have to be honest with yourself before you can be fair and honest with the next relationship. Don’t ask someone else to be honest with you when you won’t do that for yourself.

You can’t make something new replace something old until you actually get the old out of your life and out of your system. Forgiveness has to take place, as well as accepting your part in it no matter what that is. Blame will only keep confusion going. Even if the person just left you, there has to be a time for you to get yourself together and deal with the pain, regret, disappointment, or whatever you are feeling. You have to release them from your life and spirit before you can freely move forward with someone new. You have to be whole all by yourself before you can love someone else. Just get off the cycle of confusion and get it together before you board another relationship flight that will just crash before you can even take off from the runway. “Everything is about relationship, build them well”.

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