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There is a great difference in caring for someone and seeking to possess them. When a person is full of insecurity in their own mind and life, they cannot be secure in their relationship with you. For this reason, jealousy is birthed in them from some era in their life and it can be deadly to you. If you are in a relationship and you are experiencing Jealousy from your own heart or theirs, it will kill what you hoped to build.

I know most people have a false perception of what it means to like, care, and love someone. What most people do not understand, is that there is no evil in love. When has a person ever walked up to you and said, hi, I want to date you or marry you to destroy your life? However, though they may not say this upfront, a damaged person is doing exactly that when they enter your life posing as someone to love.

The signs are there if you pay attention. When a person isolates themselves from certain people and places that challenge them or empowers you, that’s a major red flag. When a person seeks to separate you from your friends, family, places you like to go, things you like to do, or try to change anything about you, those are all key red flags. When secure honest people enter your life, they never seek to change you, but only to build you up.

What is this person doing? They seek to get you away from all of your power sources so that they can tear down your mind and all of your strengths only to rebuild you in their weak victim image that they need for their own insecurity to control you. This type of person can be male or female. When a person wants to know your every move, hovers over your life, and acts as though you are making them not trust you, it is their insecurity to seek to control you.

When you see these signs, do not ignore them and waive them off as some cute gesture as awe they really like and care about and love me. No, they are dangerous damaged people who have no clue of what love is or how to love you nor themselves. It is not your responsibility to train them. You should stay far away from them, and do not attempt to continue building a relationship with this person. Some people are very deceptive and can hide this until you are deep in a relationship with them. Watch the subtle ways and words so that you are not deceived into thinking you love someone who is lurking and waiting to destroy your life.

If you are experiencing this, seek help immediately and do not make excuses for this person, nor try to stay in this relationship for money or thinking it’s best for you or any children. Abuse is never good for anyone. It is better to struggle in safety financially than to die with money and false security and lose your health, mind and in many cases your very life. You are priceless and you deserve whole unconditional love that builds you up because love will never tear you down. “Everything is about relationship, build them well”.

Domestic Abuse Help https://the 800-799-7233 English 800-787-3224 Espanol

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