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When we’re clean we both win

If you live in a place where you have unlimited access to water and the necessities of life, keep it clean. There is no reason for one to fall short on hygiene.  It is very important for us to take good care of ourselves as we should not need to be told that our hygiene is not up to standard because we offend someone with the lack thereof.  This can be a troubling issue in relationships especially within a marriage.  It’s almost unbelievable that we would have to have this conversation about simply keeping it clean.

Unfortunately, we don’t all do things the same way.  We can be taught the right way and still we have the choice to do or not to do things a certain way.  If you’ve lived in a household with siblings or attended a public school, you know all too well that we all do not use the responsibility of cleanliness the same way. Don’t let it be you; be a responsible person. 

Hygiene can be a divorce issue within a marriage because of one being offended by the lack of hygiene by their spouse.  Odor is offensive and when a person is offended, of course the next thing is either confrontation or retreat.  If a person doesn’t feel safe enough or welcomed in the relationship to be open and honest about what they are experiencing, then there is a definite breakdown already taking place.  This breach will only grow wider and more strained if we cannot talk about it and get it resolved.

People have different perceptions, which cause us to see, think, and act in certain ways.  We learn behaviors or create them while growing up and then bring them into our relationships and ultimately into our marriages.  These differences can be toxic and destroy our relationships.  If you are not responsible, it is offensive and disrespectful to yourself as well as your mate on the receiving end of it.

What happens when we are offended?  We get upset and lash out.  If you are the person being offended by body odor or some other form of bad hygiene from your spouse, there needs to be a serious conversation immediately.  You must use a counselor if you know your spouse will not listen to you and receive your concerns.  If you are the person who thinks that hygiene is not very important, you must confront and deal with this mindset.  It is not okay to be comfortable being unclean with your body and your surroundings when you have the full access and capability to be clean which should not be something we have to say to an adult in their right mind. 

Your mate should never have to be offended by what you leave behind nor what you bring with you in their presence, in your sex life or just sitting with you on the sofa.  Leave people with a good memory of you, not a bad odor or dirty image of some visual that should have been properly cleaned.  It’s not even right to leave an odor in the restroom, that’s why we have vents and air fresheners, so use them and leave no evidence of what took place in your private dealings with yourself.

Your mate should never, ever see or smell unpleasant things that should have been properly cleaned and or disposed of.  When we take these things for granted, it can easily begin to take away the joy in our relationship and start fights that ultimately end in divorce.  If you are an adult, then act like it and be a great partner who only brings good things into your relationship and the life of your spouse in every way.  What you do strongly affects the other person, be very considerate and responsible.  You do want to keep your relationship a place of pleasure and good memories, right?  Keep it clean, that means everything.  “Everything is about relationship, build them well”.

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