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Toxic is when you start fights or arguments or some type of issues in the relationship because of your thoughts, speech, or actions that kills the progress of what you should be working to build.  If you are in the market for dating or in the commitment of marriage, then you are dealing with yourself as well as the other person in the relationship.  I hope for your sake and theirs that neither of you are toxic. If this describes you, then you are too toxic.

Toxic people are like walking around an active volcano all day long.  Why?  When you have a selfish attitude, trust issues, jealous, impatient, needy, unfaithful and just plain hard to get along with.  The issue is “you”, yes you.  You have problems everywhere you go, and you think its always them, they and everyone except yourself.  Toxic people cannot see how toxic they are because they are blinded by the desire to have everyone and everything to be and to move the way they want or it’s an emotional eruption for those around you.  

You are toxic at home, at work and when you go out to try to enjoy each other.  Do you even know why you are so easily agitated and troublesome?  When you sit down and have a conversation with a toxic person, it all comes down to me, me, me, I’m not good if everything doesn’t appease me.  The truth is, that you have some deep-rooted problems that could stem from dysfunctional relationships all the way back to childhood, parents, school, dating, friends etc.  You have a perception that is to the beat of your own drum, and you want the rest of us including your mate to step to your beat and you get very offended when that doesn’t happen.

Being around you could be the death of silence, a volcanic eruption, tornado or an earthquake at any given moment.  It is not the responsibility of the other person(s) to make sure that they don’t offend you by not reading your mind, mood and whatever is controlling or influencing your way of being.  If you are experiencing this, do the right thing and take responsibility for yourself and stop blaming others and stop torturing your mate.  You must face your fears and demons (problems) and deal with them (counseling) to kill them permanently so that they do not use you to cause you to destroy all your relationships and your own life and wellbeing.  

Once you know right from wrong, toxic or any other dysfunction you operate in now become a conscious choice.  You know what you’re doing is not right or healthy for yourself or your relationship.  You make decisions all day that have kept you from death, sickness or out of jail, this means that you know exactly what you’re doing and how to avoid jail or losing your job.  If you have done these things or lost your job(s) then you know it’s time to look at yourself and make a permanent change or you will remain on this dysfunctional rollercoaster of your own choice and never have a successful life or relationship because toxins destroy.  Don’t make it hard to love yourself or for another person to love you.  You can fix this first with a decision and then seeking the proper help.  “Everything is about relationship, build them well”.

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