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We live in a nation that has representation from all walks of life and beliefs from around the world.  We look at one another as we attempt to find our life partners based on physical and superficial means and often forget the most important things that will determine our success.  One of the things that you should never, ever do is date or marry outside of your faith (beliefs).

Your faith is who and what you believe in and how and why you worship that way.  We have a plethora (many) of what people call religions and means of their own brand of worship to God or gods (idols).  Whether you call yourself atheist, religious, unaffiliated, spiritual, or true follower of Jesus the Christ, you should only date and marry people who believe the same as you, if not you are setting yourselves up for a constant tug of war over religion that will only separate and destroy your relationship.  Save yourselves the trouble and stop trying to build something solid on a foundation made of quicksand that is sure to sink and fail. 

Your faith beliefs are the most crucial and critical elements of your life and relationships especially when it comes to dating and marriage.  We can function in most of all other areas of life such as work, play and association because we don’t have to live with each other under one roof where we need to abide by the same way of living.  Worship is a way of life, not a moment, and when two people want to walk through this life together, they absolutely need to have the same faith belief or it will be a constant fight that will sooner or later end the relationship, as one tries to win, convert, coerce or force the other person to concede to their faith.  Two people cannot walk this life together if they are both walking in opposite or separate directions.  We must be on the same page and believe the same things.

So many people are just ignoring this obvious fact because people are caught up and distracted with the physical aspects of mating and do not consider or even address their faith until they are deep in and now have feelings and even discussing marriage, or after marriage before they deal with the elephant in the room regarding their faith and how they will worship.  Some are not true believers of anything and just roll along with no real commitment.  At some point in life, it will have to be addressed as you have children and are confronted with life and different situations in the world, the reality of your faith or lack thereof will come directly to your household.

Don’t ignore this fact when you start a conversation with someone because the two of you are physically attracted to each other.  You should find out upfront in the first thirty seconds if the two of you have the same faith.  The dating element of the conversation should be over if you have different faith beliefs.  When you introduce yourselves and begin to ask what’s your name and do you live around here, your next question should be, where do you worship or what is your faith?  Do not be afraid to ask this crucial question because it will save you from wasting both of your time.  If it’s not the same, just walk away with nice to meet you.  “Everything is about relationship, build them well”.

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