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If you ask the average person why couples dating or married break-up, most people will say it is because they are cheaters.  The finger will likely point to the man for most of the blame in this situation.  Yes, both men and women cheat, as to who does more than the other, that may not be proven since we cannot interview or know what has happened in peoples’ relationships.  The one thing people want to know is why are people cheaters?   Just so you know, cheating is not the main reason people break up, it is less dramatic things that could be solved with a counselor and two people who are willing to be unselfish and do what they promised each other.

Let’s talk about the men for a moment.  Men are visual ladies; men operate from what they see first and foremost.  This is what grabs our attention to get us to introduce ourselves to you.  Trust that we already know what our intentions are, and we’ve already played out scenarios in our minds as to how we would like this to play out.  We already know if we want to play with it or stay with it.  Men feel as though ladies are like a candy isle in this big world and that they should not have to be limited to just one.  

Ladies are emotionally driven and look for love and security more than the physical attributes of the man, though they would like the total package, most usually lower their expectations for achieving that.  Ladies like to know that a man can provide financially over the fact of absolute attraction to his physical attributes.  Ladies will convince themselves that they love a man or just settle if they feel their financial needs are provided for.  Some would like him to be nice and others would like him to be a bad boy for whatever reason one may think this is tolerable.  

Men cheat because he is not disciplined and taught the value of himself and women by his parents especially his father.  Fathers can teach him, and he may still become a cheater.  Nothing can guarantee a person will or will not cheat, it is a conscious choice due to character and discipline, and lack of respect for oneself and the other person.  Men cheat because they look at something for too long and begin to plan to carry it out due to the temptation that has now set in his mind to touch what he has seen and imagined.  He will ignore the consequences as though it is a drug addiction though he doesn’t want to get caught if he has a girlfriend or a wife.  It is not usually emotional if a man cheats because sex is not an emotional thing for a man, but a physical and mental thing that needs to be released.  There is nothing a woman can do to keep a cheating man from cheating if that’s who he is and what he decides to do. 

Women cheat for several reasons as well, depending on how she was raised, what she’s seen and experienced that may have made her heart callous and indifferent to monogamy.  Women aren’t normally conditioned to cheat; something must turn their heart.  Women are emotional so when women cheat it is out of feelings and that’s why it’s harder for a man to let it go because he knows that if a woman cheats it was from her emotional mindset which means she calculated it from a whole other standpoint than a man who’s just trying to get a release from a lustful thought.  Women go to another level of planning to cheat and know how to hide it better than men.  Women are more cunning and better at planning than men because they are very detailed.  

Most men are not attached to the women he’s cheating with, but most women are attached to the men they are cheating with, and they have built a scenario in their heads as to how this will all play out, whether they choose to stay with their current mate or spouse or choose to get out of the relationship.  Men don’t usually think too far ahead for the most part, as men do most things on the fly or off the cuff.  There are exceptions to the rule on both side of the genders, but these are the basic reasons people cheat.  What I really want us to understand here is that even a person who loves God can be tempted and fall to that temptation.  It could happen to anyone at any given moment depending on the situation and what is going on in that person’s life.  Anyone can be caught in a moment of weakness if they allow themselves to yield instead of removing themselves away from and out of the tempting situation.  People don’t cheat on accident, it is a conscious decision to put yourself in the position to betray a trust and violate yourself, the other person and most importantly your mate or spouse.  Don’t stay in a tempting situation or you may find yourself in the club of cheaters.  “Everything is about relationship, build then well”.

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