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It is always assumed that women are the main giving elements in a relationship.  From television, magazines, and all medias, it is portrayed that men are distant and nonparticipants in the relationship except when they want sexual healing.  The untold truth is real men have been given a grouped-in bad wrap with the bad men of the world who are known for doing this relationship thing all wrong.  Maybe the medias have not asked the women who have the real men in their lives that can tell them unequivocally that real men love hard.

When we hear the term “love hard” we must also consider the fact that people are not on the same page with what this means.  Some people think “love hard” means that one is aggressive with the way they love and maybe forceful and jealous.  There are others who may think it has something to do with being rugged or callous in the way you act or touch.  Then there are those who think that providing a certain lifestyle without verbalizing or doing the romantic and faithful things that love does is loving hard.

When men love hard, it means that we lay aside our foolish pride and those wrongful words, thoughts, and former actions that would hurt, harm or cause detriment to the woman we love and our family.  We show up every day in our right minds as we follow the instructions of the written word of God to lead, love, provide for and protect our wives even if it takes everything we have.  We come home when we should and remain faithful when we’re away and going about our day even when we are faced with temptations.  

Real men will serve at home with romance, hugs, touch, kisses, sex, attention, communication, as well as being present with our children giving them love, guidance and discipline.  We don’t tell our children to go ask your mother or sit in some man cave and leave our wives and children without our presence.  We love spending time with our wives and children.  We are present in the community with our gifts, time, money and abilities to help make sure our children grow up in a safe community where people know we are all friends and family, and we form a village.

Real men support our wives and make sure that she knows our heart for God, her, and our children.  She knows our thoughts and cares as well as our plans for life and the family.  We listen and we make decisions knowing that this is what is right and best for our household not for our selfish motives.  We maintain intimacy with our wives so that she is secure in knowing that she has our heart, our love and commitment.  We make it easy to love us because our words and our actions are one and the same.  We keep our wives trust and honor by being faithful, true and consistent in all that we do.  We give one hundred percent to our families just as we know our wives do and we meet each other with love and a heart of service each day to make sure our families function the way God designed marriage and family to be.  Real men are willing to die to themselves to make sure the family lives because, real men love God, our wives, and children.  Real men absolutely love very hard.  “Everything is about relationship, build them well.

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